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Thermal Pools, the Sea all Year Round

The thermal baths are a real plunge into wellness and Riminiterme, where you can enjoy the benefits of sea water all year round!

In our thermal center, there are five different pools – with temperatures ranging from 29 to 34° degrees – all with sea water, ideal for practicing water aerobics, do vascular paths, and relax in the whirlpool.

The swimming pools with sea water are used in rehabilitative therapies and are a very quick method to restore the normal function and potential of the musculoskeletal system. Along with spa therapies, the pool rehabilitations are a specific indication in cases of fractures, after-effects of surgeries, sprains, contractures and all pathological forms which restrict the movement, including osteoarthritis.

The swimming pools are used for rehabilitation therapies using techniques of gentle exercise, taking advantage of the benefits of therapy performed in water by the muscle relaxant action of the heat, the floatation effect and the decrease in the weight of the body.

On some days of the week the pools are open to the public and children, and are the ideal place to spend a few hours of well-being and relaxation.

Thermal Bath Price List

Single Entrance 10 Entrances 20 Entrances
Biomarine Pool € 11,00 € 100,00 € 190,00


Single Lesson Subscription Starting From
  Aquagym € 11,00 € 70,00


Single Lesson Subscription Starting From
Light Gymnastic € 110,00
1 6 12
 Individual Idrokinesi € 43,00 € 245,10  € 464,40
 Collective Idrokinesi € 20,00 € 114,00  € 216,00

Required Accessories:

Swimwear, slippers, bathrobe or towel, cap.

The kit can be purchased in our spa at a cost of € 40.00 and includes bag, bathrobe, slippers and cap.

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