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Riminiterme, benessere e fisioterapia a Rimini

Dedicated to Sea Lovers

Thalassotherapy is dedicated to those who love the sea, and is an added value of Riminiterme, the only facility in Emilia Romagna that takes advantage of the benefits of seawater for medical and wellness treatments.

The basic principle of Thalassotherapy comes from the use of all the marine elements such as air, water and algae.

The benefits of thalassotherapy are many, both curative and aesthetic.

Thalassoterapy Services

  • Pool with Sea Water
  • Whirlpool with Sea Water
  • Vascular Path with Sea Water
  • Wellness Path with Salt Room, Sea Water Pools, Whilpool and Sauna
  • Inhalation Treatments with Sea Water
  • Beauty Treatment with Seaweed