Thalassotherapy is dedicated to those who love the sea, and is an added value of Rimini Terme, the only facility in Emilia Romagna that takes advantage of the benefits of seawater for medical and well-being treatments.

The basic principle of Thalassotherapy comes from the use of all the marine elements such as air, water and algae.

Bathing in the sea at Rimini Terme are made in swimming pools and hot tubs, and you can then take advantage of the beneficial effects of this ancient practice even in winter. To recreate the effectiveness of massage natural waves, Rimini Terme has activated into its tanks a massage system that gives firmness and strength to your muscles.

The benefits of thalassotherapy are many, both curative and aesthetic.

Rimini Terme advantages of all the benefits of sea water, but due to the location of its establishment, you can also enjoy the benefits of the marine environment.