Our Staff

If Riminiterme is a big corporate it’s because it has a great soul: its Staff. Over every treatment, cure and therapy, there are professionalism, empathy, closeness to the patient and smiling people that really cares about you, and everyone can feel this. People doesn’t need only to improve its health or being more beautiful: searches for human contact and touch either, someone who can make feels like home and not only a number. This kind of magic is real everyday in Riminiterme, and we think it’s an essential part of the complete wellness-treatment of the person.

Luca Maria Ioli


Massimo Ricci

Managing Director

Franco Lamacchia

Chief Medical Officer

Elena Valdiserri

Thermal Doctor and

Assistant Medical Officer

Matteo Corbelli


Veneranda Loiacono

Thermal Officer

Tiziana Codari

Thermal Officer

Inhalation Department

Simona Salvi


Rosalba di Palma

Water Aerobic Instructor

Davide Mariotti

Fitness Instructor

Gabriella Bubani

Event and Educative

Activities Coordinator

Marco Moregola


Lorena Giovannini


Carla Gobbi



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