The Health and Beauty Treatments by Riminiterme

Riminiterme offers many opportunities to improve the tone and elasticity of the face skin, regain the luster through facial wrinkles treatments, improve their appearance and erase the signs of aging. The spa center of Riminiterme offers a range of facials treatments, divided into different types. The beauty treatments less invasive are the facial aesthetic ones, and are carried out through drainage massages, acupressure techniques and use of spa products. The medical treatments act more in depth and require the use – for example – of hyaluronic acid, one of the fundamental components of human connective tissues.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic drainage of the face is a completely natural treatment that is practiced through a slow and light massage that favors the flow in the lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic drainage is performed with Vodder technique and with the use of products that tend to reduce the swelling, that have decongestant and revitalizing properties.

Thermal Marine Scrub

The scrub is a very effective treatment. We recommend at least two scrubs per year, before exposure to the sun and in late summer. The treatment consists of applying a creamy emulsion on face and neck, followed by massage, and after rinsing, by application of moisturizer.

Ayurvedic Wrinkle Treatment

This facial treatment is designed for aged skins. It reactivates cellular metabolism and connective tissue at a dermal level, through a massage and specific products.

Ayurvedic Hydrating / Nourishing Treatment

Skin hydration is very important to maintain a fresh and young face. A dehydrated skin is not very elastic, and can appear the first wrinkles. This type of treatment is preventive, it ensures firmness in the face, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and helps fight the signs of aging.

Face and Neck Harmony Treatment

This type of treatment combines Eastern techniques of acupressure and western of detachment and touching. It is a customized treatment to the needs of all skin types with lifting effect.

Ayurvedic Couperosis Treatment

The skin with couperosis is characterized by localized redness, and is an extremely delicate skin. Who has these problems should avoid variations in temperature, consume plenty of red fruits that have repairing properties of the capillaries, and use spa products with decongestants and anti-reddening virtue.

Ayurvedic Acne Treatment

Acne is a problem that involves oily and impure skins. The facial treatments of Riminiterme include the use of Ayurvedic massage combined with products for skin balance.

Facial Beauty Treatments Price List

Aesthetic Depilation Variable Price
 Facial Cleanising Treatment € 52,00
 Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting € 17,00

Facial Medical Treatments Price List

Ayurvedic Customized Facial Treatment € 56,00
 Vital Tonic Face Treatment € 25,00
 Manual Lymphatic Drainage € 24,00
 Ayurvedic Facial Scrub € 23,00
  Facial Mask € 16,00
  Aacerola Treatment 60′ € 60,00
  Fade Treatment 40′ € 39,00