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Treat yourself to the welfare of a treatment or a massage for the body. There is no better way to create balance and harmony, when the body is healthy, the spirit is free. Riminiterme can take care of the body, and thanks to a wide selection of spa treatments and beauty treatments you can choose a personal health path.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatments have multiple functions. May be valid as cellulite treatment, draining or firming treatments and are particularly suited to combat localized adiposity and stretch marks.

Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu treatment is a Japanese acupressure technique that has ancient origins and acts on the energy flow of the human being. It is based on the perpendicular pressure, and kept constant of the thumb, fingers, palm, fist and elbow, exerted along the way of energy meridians or on specific areas of the body. Shiatsu works on the harmony of the body and is good for reducing anxiety and stress and acts on all issues related to the head, neck, and muscle contractures.

Shirodara Treatments

The Shirodhara treatment is a practice of ayurvedic origin, its name comes from Sanskrit and means “shower on the body.” This treatment consists of a relaxing massage performed on the entire body with warm oil and a thin casting, always of warm oil, on the forehead. All this creates a deep relaxation. It may also be limited only to the head.

Aesthetic Slimming Leg Mud

The aesthetic slimming leg mud has a visible action from the first application. The mud is applied on the abdomen up to the middle of the leg. It is a mixture of clay, seaweed, fucus, ivy and horse chestnut (associated to the Gray or Green cataplasm), and it has slimming properties specific to the legs.

Vascular Bandage

The leg bandage is one of the most requested treatments and is very useful both to restore vascular circulation and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The bandage consists precisely in bandaging the lower limbs with strips soaked in a solution of 25 ml of medical liquid and 25 ml of water. Through the gradual compression made ​​by bandages you get an effective lymphatic drainage.

Body Treatment Price List

 Shirodara Head Treatment 30′ € 67,00
Vascular Bandage (Modeling/Draining) € 33,00
Partial Nature Cataplasm € 23,00
Total Nature Cataplasm € 28,00
Beauty Slimming and Velvety Mud € 32,00
Facial and Body Scrub € 49,00
Body Scrub € 39,00
Beauty Hydromassage € 30,00
Salting € 25,00
Salt Room € 12,00
Aestethic Depilation Variable Prices
 Manicure € 21,00
Aesthetic Pedicure € 34,00
Sunshower € 11,00
Anticellulite Coffee Treatment 40′ € 65,00
 Body Treatment Ginger and Turmeric 50′ € 59,00
 Sea-Laxing Seaweed 60′ € 59,00



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