Riminiterme, salute e benessere, riabilitazione e spa
Riminiterme, benessere e fisioterapia a Rimini

All body massages performed in Riminiterme can be tailored to individual needs, and the use of oils and products specifically amplify the beneficial effects. Massage generally leads to a state of total physical relaxation and mental wellbeing, also useful simply to combat stress and anxiety daily.

Anticellulite Massage

The cellulite massage acts on, circulation, relaxes tense muscles and tones of the tissues. A slow massage relaxes and promotes tissue drainage, a quick massage invigorates and revitalizes, by eliminating the fatigue.

Ayurvedic Massage

It is an anti-stress massage of Indian origin, carried out with complex manipulations and application of warm medicated oils. It is aimed at restoring harmony and balance between mind and body.

Biorelaxing Massage

This type of massage is designed to induce deep relaxation to the muscle tendon, and offers great decontracting properties. It is therefore ideal for small contractures, to unlock the shoulders and back, a light but penetrating massage can relax muscles and tendons.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is a special therapeutic massage that reduces the accumulation of fluids in the tissues and in the superficial dermis points and facilitates the venous and lymphatic systems. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation and is particularly effective in the treatment of cellulite.

Foot reflexology Massage

Foot reflexology is a massage technique that works on the reflex points of the foot. In the feet and hands are reflected all the organs, glands and body parts. The reflex massage logical influences on the corresponding organ, has a remarkable relaxing effect, reduces anxiety and induces sleep.

Invigorating Massage

Invigorating massage has the task of restoring balance and harmony between mind and body and especially helps to recuperate. It is a very vigorous massage, and is particularly suitable for patients with marked muscle weakness.

Body Massage and SPA Treatment

Biorelaxing Massage 30′ € 33,00
Lymphatic Massage 30′ € 33,00
 Abdomen Resonanz Massage 40′ € 43,00
 Pressuretherapy € 30,00
 Back Resonanz Massage 50’ € 63,00
Warm Coconut Massage 30′ € 43,00
 Foot Reflexology Massage 50′ € 55,00
 Reducing Massage Legs and Abdomen 40′ € 43,00
 Biorelaxing Massage 60′ € 55,00
Lymphatic Massage 60′ € 55,00
Ayurvedic Massage with Warm Oils 60′ € 57,00
Vital Stone Massage 60′ € 63,00
Shiatsu Massage 60′ € 55,00
 Thala Massage or Thala Limo 60′ € 62,00
 Thala Spa Massage 60′ € 62,00
 Asia 3 Thea Massage 60′ € 60,00
  Chocolate Massage 60′ € 60,00
  Total Thalasso Reducing Massage 70′ € 78,00



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