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Riminiterme, benessere e fisioterapia a Rimini

The aesthetic medicine treatments of Riminiterme aim to improve the physical appearance and to correct imperfections that can cause discomfort. Our beauty treatments are followed by medical staff and are performed without a surgery itself, but through injections or other types of medical treatments.

The injections are primarily used to rejuvenate the face and body, such as fillers with hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, and localized mesotherapy for vascular and lipid treatments. Beauty treatments are less invasive than the cosmetic surgery but should be repeated over time to increase its effectiveness and durability.

Beauty Treatments Price List

  • Dietary or Aestethic Medical Check € 50,00
  • Biorevitalization Face/Breast € 55,00
  • Biorevitalization with Hyaluronic Acid Variable Price
  • Botulinum Toxin Variable Price
  • Wrinkles/Lips Filling (Hyaluronic Acid) Variable Price
  • Facial Peeling € 90,00
  • Facial Needling (Microlifting) Variable Price
  • Facial Lifting Variable Price
  • Face/Body Carbontherapy  da € 90,00
  • Ozone Footbath € 25,00
  • Body Needling Variable Price
  • Body Peeling € 100,00
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen € 60,00
  • Mesotherapy (Vascular/Lipolytic) € 55,00
  • Shock Wave € 100,00
  • Shock Wave + Mesotherapy € 150,00
  • Body Lifting Variable Price
  • Pulsed light (IPL) Variable Price
  • Free Radicals Test Variable Price
  • Oxigen-Ozone Therapy Variable Price


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